About Us

Fort Worth Recovery is devoted to the healing and recovery of the alcoholic and drug-addicted person by establishing individualized treatment plans and implementing evidence-based strategies that promote long term sobriety.


Fort Worth Recovery’s vision is to be Texas’ premier Outpatient Treatment Center, providing individualized treatment plans and a diverse array of therapeutic services to help facilitate freedom from addiction, renew inspired action, and a new found purpose for each individual who walks through our doors.

Our healing model incorporates Ambulatory Detoxification, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient (OP) and Aftercare services that are designed with proven modalities in the healing of our clients and fostering a compassionate outpatient recovery community allowing clients the opportunity to live free from addiction.

Your recovery is a most important personal Journey.

Dedicated Staff

The Fort Worth Recovery leadership understands that teams are built and supported in an environment where the expectations and the corporate culture are transparent, flexible, and the input of all staff members is valued. We recognize that each team member plays an integral role in the lives of each client and employee that enters our facility. Our program takes a customer service approach to a therapeutic setting, and couples that with research, data, and outcomes.

Our Values

  • Live by our Integrity
  • Focus on our Clients
  • Deliver on our Commitments
  • Respect Individuals
  • Provide Compassionate Care
  • Actions are Paramount for our Clients

Our Operating Principles

  • Leadership is the Ultimate Determinant
  • Clinical Quality is Paramount
  • Focusing on a Shared Vision
  • Teamwork is a Key Component
  • Leverage and Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Seizing Opportunities
  • Medical and Clinical Echnology is Vital
  • Maximizing Client Outcomes
  • Confidentiality of Information

Effective substance abuse treatment requires careful assessment of a person’s needs and goals for recovery.

At Fort Worth Recovery, we offer an extensive array of programs and services to accommodate those needs, taking into account personal and professional obligations and time commitment. With the help of a professional team, we will evaluate substance abuse history, mental health, and psychosocial status to determine the level of care that’s best suited for you.

We accept most insurances

...and many more.