Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program makes a difference. The PHP program at Fort Worth Recovery is designed for those who are new to the recovery process. At the PHP level of care, we are able to facilitate recovery in a supportive and structured environment, with clients participating in the Ft. Worth Recovery program for a minimum of six hours a day, five days a week.

Providing each client with n individualized experience and treatment program

During this time, our goal in PHP is to create a foundation for our clients to carry with them through the recovery process and that will set them up for success as they transition back into their communities.

As a client centered recovery center with a small client to clinician ratio, we are able to provide each client with an individualized experience and can individualize our treatment program to meet our clients’ needs. All treatment plans are designed by our clinical team in conjunction with the respective client. Most often, these treatment plans focus on giving each client short-term, attainable goals while also identifying long-term goals that may extend beyond treatment.

If clients are in need of housing during the recovery process, we are also able to refer them to sober living options.

What Does a Typical Week in PHP Entail?

While we believe in a customized treatment experience for each client that walks through our doors, a basic outline of what a week in PHP includes is:

  • A Thorough Initial Assessment
  • Individual Therapy (minimum twice per week)
  • Group Therapy (18-25 sessions per week)
    • Psycho-educational Groups
    • Experiential Therapy Groups
    • CBT/DBT
    • Relapse-Prevention
    • Life Skills Training
    • Accountability Group
    • Nutrition in Recovery
    • Boundaries and Attachment
    • Mindfulness and Spiritual Counseling
    • Principles of Recovery
    • and more
  • Family Therapy
  • EMDR and/or Trauma Therapy (when clinically appropriate)
  • Coordination with Our Psychiatrist (minimum one session per week)
  • Case Management (minimum one session per week)
    • Career & Educational Goal Setting
    • Financial Planning
    • Interview Training
    • Resume Building
    • Coordination of Medical Appointments
  • Group Outings
  • Continuing Recovery & Aftercare Planning

We accept most insurances

...and many more.